At the origins, a beautiful Provençal bastide in the heart of 50ha of immaculate forest… The whole is bought back in 1986 and the best grape varieties will be selected to cover 15 ha of land in the heart of the property.

In a few years, Château de Chausse and its exceptional terroir became one of the most famous estates, especially for its red wines to lay down.

The American Charles S. Cohen and his wife Clo, convinced francophiles, visit this beautiful property in 2016 and immediately sense its potential. The acquisition of Château de Chausse is then necessary for them who share a very special attachment for Provence.
A film enthusiast, Charles S. Cohen is the largest distributor of films by French authors in the United States.

The Gulf of Saint-Tropez, wine and cinema, a constantly renewed magic that he wishes to magnify at Château de Chausse.

Thus, in 2021, Château de Chausse undertook major work on the estate to develop wine tourism and improve its production facilities.
This ambitious renovation aims to make Château de Chausse a place of sharing and excellence.


Château de Chausse is home to a remarkable terroir of clay, phyllades and shale leaves characteristic of the Gulf of St Tropez.

The vines are located in the heart of a vast ecosystem composed of forests, olive trees, lavender and hives.
The one-piece plots, arranged in a natural circus, then collect all the Mediterranean sun in summer, the dry cold maintained by the wind in winter thus conferring a remarkable typicity to the juices.

The vineyard is conducted in Organic Agriculture since 2015 in the respect of land and methods in perfect harmony with nature.The estate is still evolving under the leadership of Laurence Berlemont, the oenologist who gave birth to the first wines of Château de Chausse. According to her : « Chausse really has a great terroir of schists that make great reds. We work with this potential with very precise techniques such as hand sorting, fermentation under wood, long aging»

Rosés and whites enjoy a gourmet and incomparable aromatic personality.


Château de Chausse divides its atypical production and limited to 25,000 bottles in red 20,000 rosé and 8000 in white. The wines are made from traditional grape varieties (Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Cinsault and Rolle).
They are raised under different containers:

  • Fully thermoregulated stainless steel vats to promote aromas and allow precise and optimal vinification of classic white and rosé wines.
  • Oak barrels of 228 L, new or having 1 to 2 wines: they give structure to the wine thanks to the contribution of tannins naturally present in the wood. This ageing used for classic red wines provides light woody notes
  • Half-muids of 600L oak where the white and rosé wines of the Premium, Diamant and Tourmaline range are sung. They are raised for a few months with a stick to enrich the wine.
  • 900L oak barrels on a rotating frame, called Roll Fermentor (rotating fermentation barrels). Thanks to the excellent alchemy between the grape and the wood, these barrels promote fermentation and allow to produce high quality red wines, complex and very harmonious. The tannins slowly refine, making our Premium red wine called Rubis round and silkier.